About Us

Founded in 2024 by a female duo, Voi Collective aims to disrupt the home and tableware market. Allowing you to buy from the same suppliers as well known luxury brands such as Cabana, Maison Margaux, Soho Home, In the Roundhouse, Zafferano and more, but for the price you should be paying for the items, not the price you currently are.

What sets us apart is our commitment to our supply chain, with no intermediaries. When you shop with us, you gain direct access to these manufacturers, enabling our community to enjoy remarkable savings of up to 80% on all of our homeware pieces, compared to leading brands.

"We set up Voi Collective because we were fed up with the extreme mark ups being added to goods in the tableware industry and with a total of 20 years buying experience between us (that would be our two founders), we figured we could create something equally as good as what is on the market but with prices that were accessible to everyone."

Don't get us wrong, we are a small business with far less buying power than the big guys but we are trying our best to cut out the huge margins. Join the thriving Voi Collective community today and explore an exclusive world of insider products, all at unbeatable prices. Experience the luxury you deserve at the price you deserve.